You Are Witnesses To These Things

We are in the heart of the Easter season, and we hear of Christ’s appearance to his disciples. He appears, offers them His peace, shares a meal and opens the Scriptures. He ends his time telling them, “You are witnesses of these things.” This encounter of Christ was not intended just for his disciples 2,000 years ago, though! We are blessed to have a liturgy where the scriptures are opened to us, and we are called to share a meal of Christ, Himself, in the Eucharist. We have the opportunity to hear Christ and touch him every time we participate in the Mass.

With this great privilege, also comes responsibility – a call to be witnesses of these things! Of what are we called to witness? We are called to witness the reality that Christ came, suffered and conquered death for all! We are witnesses to the fact that we are saved, healed, redeemed and are adopted sons and daughters of God, because of his Son!

This call to witness can sometimes seem daunting. We ask, “How can I be an effective witness?” The enemy sneaks in and whispers lies of comparison. Suddenly we don’t feel adequate to be witnesses, because we are too busy comparing ourselves to others. It’s time to recognize this lie and stop scrutinizing ourselves. We must focus on our call to witness.

How do I witness? As St. Teresa of Calcutta famously said, “We can do no great things. Only small things, with great love.” Let us then not worry about witnessing in great ways, but in small ways with great love.

I can witness to Christ’s mercy, by offering forgiveness to those who have wronged me.

I can witness to Christ’s peace, by choosing hope when things seem dreary.

I can witness to Christ’s conquering of sin, by leaning on His strength, not on my own.

I can witness to Christ’s beautiful plan in my life, by letting go of control and letting His Holy Spirit guide me.

I can witness to Christ’s love, by being love to others, in small ways with great love.

May we not let the enemy and his lie of comparison win. May we humbly accept Christ’s call to witness.

Let the Lord speak to you in His word and nourish you at the Table of Life. Let us be prepared to be witnesses of these things.


Youth Coordinator

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