The Beginning

As I prepared my bulletin article for this week, I had the opportunity to write in the presence of our Savior Jesus in our new adoration chapel. What a powerful and beautiful place to spend time with Him and to be inspired by His true presence here with us.

This chapel marks a new beginning for St. Peter’s – a new place for prayer and a new place to grow in our relationship with God. Seeing Christ on our historic altar is breathtaking. It reminds us, that as that altar served as a beginning for the Catholic Church in Minnesota, our faith also has a beginning, a spark, a connection made with our creator that creates love of Him and love of neighbor. As we are reminded in this Sunday’s Gospel: our greatest command is to love our Lord and to love our neighbor as one’s self.

As I look at Jesus on that altar, I think of all the countless beginnings brought to God’s beloved at that altar; rebirth in Baptism, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Confirmation, lifelong covenants made in marriage, mercy and strength poured out in the Eucharistic feast. How many have and will continue to experience God’s love in a new and powerful way, as Christ rests humbly with us in the monstrance on that altar?

I am reminded of my own beginning, as I sit in our new chapel. The space our new adoration chapel occupies was, at one time, the crying room –in our former worship space, a place my mom and I spent many Sundays in my early years. It’s in that space that I began to learn that faith was important, that God loved me more than I could ever know, and that He would forever be with me on this journey of life.

With the feasts of All Saints and All Souls this week, I think of those who have gone before and who modeled great faith for me in my beginnings. I think of my “little-s” saints, my grandparents, who I am confident are praying for me in heaven, even though they are not officially recognized Saints. Our new chapel has two of my favorite Saints’ images displayed – John Paul II and Mother Teresa. These two are examples of what it means to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. I am grateful for their example and their prayers.

As the busy-ness of life and day-to-day stress finds its way into our journey, it is easy to become weary. I encourage you to take some time this week to look back to your beginning – to remember that initial connection made with our Creator, and allow him to renew your strength for your journey ahead.

Elizabeth McCanna
Youth Coordinator



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