Thank You, St. Peter’s

Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me. ~ Matthew 10:40

Thank you, St. Peter’s!

Despite the challenges of the last months, you’ve continued to generously care for one another and our community!  Throughout the last several weeks, we have been able to connect with over 300 members of our parish and regularly check in on those at most risk and therefore most isolated.  We’ve delivered groceries and prescriptions, collected food, baby supplies, lifesaving blood, and bag lunches for Sharing & Caring Hands. More hot meals than ever before were cooked and served by you at both Dorothy Day Place and Sharing & Caring Hands. Our gardeners worked hard to get the grounds ready for the season, and our environment team made our church beautiful for livestreamed Masses. Our tech volunteers worked hard to make Mass available by livestream, so that we might continue to worship together, albeit from our separate homes. Much more good work has been and continues to be done; so much, in fact, that I can’t possibly name you all.

Now, as we start to see you coming back, our cleaning teams, liturgical ministers, and ushers have stepped up and embraced the new ways of serving in their ministries. For all you’ve done and all you keep giving, thank you!

Lisa Amos
Director of Mission and Minisitry

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