When I first realized it was my turn to write an article for the bulletin I read the readings for this weekend and thought this is going to be easy!  At first glance the readings are all about temptation and I am a PRO at temptation.  I mean aren’t all of us good at being tempted and falling for it?

Think about it, we are all tempted every day.  Children are tempted to take just one more cookie right before dinner, or maybe to fudge the truth a bit on who broke that lamp.  Teens are tempted to push the boundary on curfew or look over at their class-mates test paper for an answer.  As adults I think temptation looms just around every corner.  A donut in the morning, the yellow light that is more red than yellow, the skipping of time in prayer because one is too busy (not that I have succumbed to any of these!) are all temptations we incur on a constant basis.  There is no escaping it temptation is everywhere.

What we do when faced with temptation though is the true test of what and who we are.  Do we cave in to the temptation, fight our way through it or if you are like most, sometimes you win against it and sometime you lose.  We are human after all; we cannot be expected to be prefect all the time.  What do we do when we fall to temptation, do we berate ourselves, look for excuses, ask for forgiveness, and make promises to be better in the future?  Perhaps this is even the greater test of our character.

The real question though is why do we want to avoid temptation?  What benefit to us is it to choose the right path and forgo the one associated with evil?  Every time we fall to temptation we give more power to Satan and to his evilness.  Every time we avoid temptation and follow the righteous path we bring ourselves closer to God.  In the end that is ultimate goal, to have a fulfilling loving relationship with God. Simple isn’t it.  The problem is that temptation is often hidden and not so easy to recognize.

Kathy Raible wrote a wonderful article published in the February 9 bulletin about making the right decision.  If you have not read it I suggest going online to read it now.  It applies directly to making the right decision when the right decision is not very obvious to us.  She spells out four steps to follow as a guideline, the last step of which is prayer.

Surviving through temptation such as Jesus did in the gospel really relies on our faith and trust in God.  Without Him to guide us, it is too easy to follow the wrong path.  We need to seek His help and guidance as we face difficult decisions.  Imagine how difficult Jesus must have found it to be tempted by Satan again and again out in the desert.  Without his faith in God, His Holy Father do you think Jesus could have denied Satan each time.  By putting our faith in God and seeking his wisdom to guide us we are sure to make better choices.  However, we must trust in Him first and realize we may not know all the answers.  That is where God comes in.  We can lean on Him when we are week, ask for guidance when we are not sure of the right path and trust that He is there through our darkest moments.

So as we go through this Lenten season and prepare for the Glory of His resurrection let us put our faith in God.  Let us turn to Him during our difficult times and seek His wisdom as we try to do what is right.  When we stray and follow the path of temptation we need to ask His forgiveness but also learn that with our faith in Him the path of temptation will much easier to avoid.

On another note… I would like to express my gratitude and those of the rest of the staff to the wonderful parishioners of St Peter’s.  It goes without saying that these last two months has been a challenge for our parish.  The entire staff appreciates the kindness and the understanding that many of you have shown.  We have done our best to try to provide the same programs, services and support as when Fr. Gallatin was here.   We can’t say that this has always gone smoothly and on occasion we have had to make some last minutes adjustments.  Thank you for your patience!  I would like to think we have done a fairly good job at this endeavor, however if you feel we are falling short in some area please let us know.

We currently have no additional information to share about Fr. Gallatin.  As soon as the staff is made aware of any new developments we will pass them along to you. In the mean time please know that we are there for you and once again thank you for all of your support.

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