First of all I would like to welcome back any of our church family who may have been gone for all or part of this summer. I hope each of you had restful days and the opportunity to enjoy vacations and time spent with family and friends.

This past spring I attended one of my monthly meetings through the Association of Parish Business Administrators. The topic of this particular meeting was “Encountering Christ’s Mission through Shared Ministry.” I didn’t have much hope that this would be of interest to me, but I attended and enjoyed the business portion and connection with others in my profession. I must admit that I walked away with a greater appreciation of the time and talent side of stewardship and a deeper understanding of how this ties into our Christian way of life.

There was one line during the presentation that struck a chord with me and I am eager to share it with all of you. It is simply: Stewardship is both a responsibility and a right of the baptized. It is a loving response to our baptismal call wherein we were gifted by God. What a beautiful way to put into words the theological basis of stewardship or what we so often refer to as time, talent and treasure.

God has entrusted each and every one of us with many gifts. In other words, he has given us something for which we are to be responsible. How can we not care for, grow and develop what we have been so generously given out of love. If we have opened our hearts to our Lord and have accepted him into our lives, we cannot help but want to share this with others.

In the second reading this weekend, James tells us, “Indeed someone might say, you have faith and I have works. Demonstrate your faith to me without works, and I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works.” In other words, walk the talk! Maybe we are encouraged that it’s not enough to say you are a Christian and you believe in Jesus Christ, but let him fully into your hearts and show that love to those around you. The wonderful thing about encountering Christ and letting him fully into our lives, can only help develop a sense of generosity. We will naturally want to spread this love and joy, and share our time and talent. We will want to give to others as we have been given.

One of the missions of stewardship within the Church is to help us discover what these gifts or talents are and to channel them into a spirit of action. Simply put, how can we use what we have been given to grow and enrich the Kingdom of God? Thankfully there are many opportunities right here within our own parish, not to mention the numerous other possibilities you will find in our communities.

Now as a business manager, I would be remiss if I did not bring up the treasure portion of stewardship. The Stewardship Committee is reading the book, Your Money Counts, by Howard Dayton and Jon and Evelyn Bean. In this book the authors apply God’s financial principles to everyday lives. It reminds us that everything we have is not really ours but belongs to God. He has entrusted us with financial gifts and it is our responsibility to care for them and use them wisely.

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you truly want to see what is important to a person, look in their checkbook”? Yes, I realize not many of us carry around checkbooks anymore but where we spend our money is a direct picture of where our priorities lie. It gives you something to think about!

Today as you left Mass, you had the opportunity to check out our Ministry Fair in the Heritage Center. Hopefully everyone took the opportunity to enjoy some hospitality and check out the tables of our various ministry groups. There were representatives from religious education, Bible study, Council of Catholic Women, Men’s Club, gardening and environment volunteers, outreach such as Sharing and Caring Hands and Feed My Starving Children, music ministry and administrative support to name just a few. As you could see, there are many chances to become involved and share your gifts with others in the parish and surrounding communities.

This past week each household should have received a mailing from the parish. In it was a letter from Fr. Steven, a ministry handbook which gives some information of each of the different ministry groups, a stewardship commitment card for time, talent, and treasure and finally, a return envelope. Please look over all these materials closely and determine where you can share with others the abundance of gifts that you have so lovingly received. Prayerfully determine what it is that you can give in terms of time, talent and treasure. How can you take those gifts from God and channel them into a spirit of action?

May God Bless You,

Mary Jubenville

Business Manager



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