How The Resurrection Touches Our Life

My dear sisters and brothers,

Christ is Risen; He is truly Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! With all my heart I wish you and your families a blessed Easter, filled with the Victorious, Risen presence of Jesus Christ.

What a glorious ending for the disciples of Christ! What Good News for the world! And thanks be to God, we have become the blessed recipients of this life-changing event of Jesus’ death and resurrection through our baptism, while our faith continually opens us to its saving power.

To help us understand a little better the grace of the Resurrection for our lives, I’m going to share with you this wonderful quote from Caryll Houselander’s book, “The Risen Christ: the Forty Days after the Resurrection.”

“Christ took our human nature for His own and gave us His. Christ has lived each of our lives, He has faced all our fears, suffered all our griefs, overcome all our temptations, labored in all our labors, loved in all our loves, died all our deaths. He took our humanity, just as it is, with all its wretchedness . . . and gave it back to us just as His humanity is, transfigured by the beauty of His life, filled full of His joy. He came back from the long journey through death, so that His Risen Life could be ours.

In every life there are many secret resurrections. In our sin, we are the tombs in which Christ lies dead, but at the first movement of sorrow for sin He rises from the dead in us, the life of the world is renewed by our sorrow, the soul that was in darkness radiates the morning light. In the moment that we are forgiven, the world is flooded with forgiveness.

All day long, all over the world there is resurrection. Our Lord has told us how we are to lead a Risen Life—He has shown it to us. It is to be a life of love, love that creates, love that fills up the measure of each life with joy. Love that is light and peace. Love that forgives and heals and sustains, that makes us one. Love that gives life to the world and gives beauty to life. Love that is food and clothing and water for thirst. Love that is bread. It is the love of the Eternal Father for His only Son, given to us, and it is given to us for ourselves and for one another.”

Caryll helps us see that resurrection for us is first a spiritual reality—not merely a deliverance from death—but more wonderfully a deliverance from every form of selfishness that entombs our God-given capacity to love. Thanks to Jesus, we can emerge from the prison of self to an other-centered life, helping to renew the world through a love that creates communion.

May our celebration today strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ, truly Risen, and encourage us to persevere in the daily, ongoing work of building a greater, deeper communion with God and with one another.

Jesus bless you,

Fr. Steven



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