Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes – Sept. 18, 2012

Church of St. Peter

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting

Minutes of Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Members present:  Paul Boller, David Doty, Mary Pat Ferraro, Kelly Garrett, Ann Hoey, Sarah Larsen, Joanne Rocco Carter, Alice Sheeler

Ex-officio members present:  Fr. Gallatin, Helen Wilkie

 I. Opening Prayer

II. Approval of Agenda

Agreed as presented with two additional items: clergy meeting at Capitol and PPC monthly sign-up list

III. New Business

  1. Election of officers

    New officers for 2012-2013:

    Chair: Paul Boller, Vice-Chair: Joanne Rocco Carter,   Secretary: Alice Sheeler

  1. Church logo/website discussion

    Kelly Garrett (PPC & Tech Team member) circulated several logos used by the Church of St. Peter.  Development of a new logo is being pursued so it can easily be transferred to documents (letterhead, etc.). Kelly will design several new logo options and bring them to a future PPC meeting. Kelly stated that the St. Peter’s website has been redesigned and will be launched the weekend of 9/22-9/23/12. Future plans for the website include providing the ability to allow families to manage their own stewardship accounts.


  1. Parish Year of Faith ideas

    Fr. Gallatin stated that the Pope has called for “The Year of Faith” to start 10/11/12 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Vatican II and the 20th anniversary of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”. It will last for 13 months and end with the Feast of Christ the King in Nov. 2013. Plans for the upcoming year include:

  •    Archdiocesan level:

Theme will be “Rediscover: Evangelization & Catechesis”. In keeping with the theme, the archdiocese will distribute the book “Rediscovering Catholicism” by Matthew Kelly to all attending the Christmas Masses. The kick-off event will be held at St. Peter’s church. Each church in the archdiocese will send its pastor and 2 lay parishioners to this event. Fr. Gallatin has selected Lisa Amos and the second person will be chosen soon.

The schedule is as follows: Kick-off event: Nov. 15, 2012 at St. Peter’s Church, late November: leaders plan distribution of book, Christmas Masses: distribute book, January 2013: discussion of book, April 2013: regional meetings for follow-up (6 regional meetings), October 12, 2013-closing event.

  •  Parish level

 Members reviewed suggestions from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s message, section IV, “at the level of parish/community/association/movement”. Lisa Amos will lead 5 study sessions on Vatican II documents starting on 10/14/12 between the 9 am & 11am Masses.

4.  Parish Meeting impressions

Overall impression was that the meetings went well. The 4 meetings were attended by 220 people and 123 written comments were returned. “Forward in Faith” booklets will be mailed to every household not in attendance. The Presentation Planning Committee will meet on 9/22/12 to get a printout of all questions asked at the meetings. Fr. Gallatin will use this as a guide to start to provide answers to the questions that were asked.


5.  Finance Council report

The Finance Report for August 2012 was reviewed. Low income was noted in both the”Sunday contributions” & “other income”. Fr. Gallatin stated that this is likely due to parishioners being on vacation during July/August little tuition for religious education programs is collected during the summer. Both should increase in September. It was proposed that as a means of maintaining collections during the summer, direct deposit/electronic bill paying should be promoted with our parishioners. Discussion took place regarding a token being created, for parishioners that use direct deposit. This token could be placed in the basket during the offertory collection to signify their contribution to our parish community. This idea will tabled for further discussion at a later date.

 6.  Clergy meeting at Capitol in support of Marriage Amendment

Fr. Gallatin reported that he had been at the Capitol, earlier in the day, for a clergy gathering (various faiths) with those in support of the Marriage Amendment. He wants to remind parishioners that a “Yes” vote supports the amendment (Church’s stand) and a “No” vote or leaving it blank does not support the amendment. The marriage amendment group will continue to have an information table in the gathering space monthly.

7.  Monthly PPC member sign-up

Each PPC member signed up for month they would be responsible for refreshments, prayer, and checking the PPC voicemail. It was suggested and approved to check the voice mail weekly, rather than monthly.

 IV. Old Business

  1. Parish Survey

    Last survey done in May 2010. PPC weighed options of re-doing existing survey or choosing a new format. The consensus was to table further discussion of the survey until March 2013 due to the Capital Campaign & Year of Faith activities

V. Closing prayer

Fr. Gallatin led closing prayer & meeting adjourned

In October, the meeting was canceled. Next meeting: November 20.

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