Open Our Hearts, O Lord

As I reflected on today’s readings in preparation for the this bulletin article, it was not something from the readings that stood out to me, but rather the simple Gospel antiphon, “Open our hearts, O Lord, to listen to the words of your son.” This antiphon is easily missed, sung by the cantor in between the “Alleluias” that ring out from the congregation. I have found that one of the biggest blessings in reflecting on the readings before Mass is that I tend to catch the subtle lines where God speaks profound words to me.

“Open our hearts, O Lord, to listen to the words of your Son.” This is a powerful prayer – one that we, as disciples of Christ, should pray each day. Opening our hearts to be listening hearts and being still allows us to hear the small voice of God, who speaks to us throughout our days.

Some days this prayer sounds a little different in my life. “Open my heart, O Lord, to hear you, instead of the noise of this world.” “Lord, soften my heart, so that I might see and hear you in those around me.” “Lord, open my heart and fill it with your words of love.” I asked him to open my heart and the hearts of our teens, as we participated for the first

time, as a youth group in the Steubenville St. Paul Youth Conference. I heard him say, “I will never disappoint,” as I witnessed hundreds of teens publicly acknowledge their love of Jesus for the first time.

When we ask, God is ready to open our hearts to hear him and to do beautiful things in our lives. I asked him to open my heart this summer, during the long and tiring days of Workcamp, then heard him in the words of our teens, as they shared with one another the ways they experienced God working in their lives.

As the school year began and things got busy again, I asked the Lord to open my heart to follow His plan for our teens this year. I am excited to see what He has to say.

Have you asked the Lord to open your heart recently?

“Open our hearts, O Lord, to listen to the words of your son.”

Elizabeth McCanna

Youth Coordinator

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