Meet Deacon Tim, Part I

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I was delighted when Father Steven asked me to take a short series of articles to tell my wonderful new parish family a little about me. I hope that my effort at giving you a little bit of my story will help you to get to know me better as I begin this new journey at St. Peter’s.

I met my wife, Anne, while we were both students at Totino-Grace High School. We were friends in high school, but we didn’t begin dating until two years after we graduated, when our paths crossed at an alumni meeting. On October 10, 2015, we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. In 35 years of marriage, God has blessed us with seven children and three grandchildren. We are indeed blessed!

I began my professional career in county government in 1981. During a 32-year career, I worked in Public Assistance, Child Support, and most recently, Social Services. It has been gratifying to serve the needs of a wide variety of people throughout my career in government. In addition to working my regular job, I have also had the pleasure of working for a number of other agencies during my career. This has helped me to develop my clinical skills as a social worker. I am now on the second leg of my career, this time working for the State of Minnesota.

While I was busy in government work, my wife, Anne, has been busy serving the needs of children. Anne began her career in early childhood education in 1981. She worked in a variety of positions, including working as director of several large programs. Over the years my wife has worked with hundreds of children in a variety of educational settings. She currently operates her own non-profit early childhood program that primarily serves children whose families are in crisis.

The year 2015 will be remembered in our family as a banner year. In addition to celebrating my ordination on December 5, we also welcomed a new grandchild, celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, celebrated our youngest son’s college graduation, and flew to New York to celebrate our oldest son’s wedding in September. Our Christmas gift this year was to have all seven children and three grandchildren together for the Christmas holiday.

I wanted to begin my story by sharing a little bit about my family. As a deacon, I am called to two vocations: marriage and holy orders. Since my first “I do” was on my wedding day in 1981, marriage is my first vocation.   Part of the challenge of being both married and ordained, is to integrate these two beautiful vocations. In addition to being Deacon Tim, I am also a husband, father, grandfather, and worker. My daily life probably looks a lot like that of many people at St. Peter’s. My primary service at the parish will be my participation in the weekend liturgies. I am also assigned to corrections ministry for the Archdiocese. My assignment is the coordination of corrections ministry for Washington County. In that assignment, I am responsible for Stillwater and Oak Park Heights Prisons, and Washington County Jail. I will be sharing stories from my corrections work with you in the months to come.

My wife, children, and grandchildren are a source of great joy in my life. I learned to be a servant to God’s Church by first being a servant in my family. I look forward to sharing more about the diaconate and the important role that the deacon plays in our Holy Catholic Church. May God continue to bless each of us on our journey of faith!

Blessings in Christ,

Deacon Tim




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