Many Hands Are Need To Offer The Mass

The Church, in her wisdom, has made a place for all of the faithful to have an important role in the celebration of the Mass. Our weekend liturgies at St. Peter’s are beautiful, grace-filled celebrations that require the work of many brothers and sisters, in order to make the liturgy come together for all of us. I would like to share a little about the various liturgical roles.

Environment: As you enter the church each week for Mass, you will notice that someone has taken the time to decorate the sanctuary. During special seasons of the year, you will see colors change and adornments added to the sanctuary.  These preparations that are made each week help all of us to be more deeply drawn into the mystery of our faith. We have a dedicated team of volunteers, who make sure that our environment is welcoming and reflects the season.

Sacristans: The sacristan helps prepare for Mass by placing the vessels, preparing the cups with wine for consecration, and making sure that the sanctuary and altar are prepared for the celebration of the Mass. The sacristans serve a very important role in purifying the cups following the distribution of the Precious Blood. After Mass, our they clean all of the vessels, so they are ready for the next Mass.

Servers: Our altar servers assist the priest and deacon, by serving reverently during the celebration of the Mass. They assist in the procession, carrying the missal to the priest, and assisting the priest and deacon at the altar. We are blessed to have a dedicated group of young men and women who help us to celebrate well by their reverent and dedicated service.

Lectors: The lector’s job is to proclaim the Word of God during the Mass. Our lectors work hard to engage the reading through prayer and practice during the week, so their proclamation brings the Word of God to life for all of us. We are blessed to have a wonderful team of dedicated proclaimers of the Word.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Our Communion ministers assist the priest and the deacon by distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful at each Mass. This is an important and beautiful ministry in which specially commissioned members of our community assist in the distribution of the Most Precious Body and Blood. We are blessed to have a faithful and dedicated group of people who show deep respect and reverence for this ministry.

Ushers: Our ushers serve an important role in assisting the parish before, during, and after Mass. In addition to making sure that lights are on and bulletins and worship aids are distributed, the ushers assist people attending Mass with various needs. They assist people with seating, address any special accommodations that one may need, and take up the collections. Our ushers also respond to any medical issues that may arise during the Mass.

Musicians: Each week David Dunst leads a talented group of singers and musicians in the musical selections chosen for our worship. The music group practices during the week and before Mass on Saturday or Sunday. This group brings the Word of God to us, through musical interpretation of many of the texts we encounter during the Mass as well as through hymns and contemporary worship songs. We are blessed to have many talented and dedicated vocalists and musicians who help us to raise our voices in song to God during the liturgy.

The Faithful: Whether you have a specific liturgical role or not, each of us is called to actively engage in the celebration of the liturgy by our full and attentive participation, during the Mass. On any given weekend, some of us will assist by serving donuts and coffee, some by passing out information about an upcoming event, or assisting in some other way.  Each week, we have several people who count the collections. It is so important that each of us comes to Mass ready to participate and to receive whatever the Lord wants to give us.

As we continue to explore the deep meaning of the Holy Mass, it is my prayer that the Lord will guide us in drawing closer to Him through our community celebration of the Mass. This is a good time to extend an invitation to anyone in the parish who might feel called to volunteer for one of the ministries listed above. There are information sheets located on the counter across from the sacristy, for anyone who is interested in becoming more involved.

Wishing you God’s abundant blessings!
Deacon Tim Hennessey


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