Living In The Light

I have to be honest with you. As I sat down to write this bulletin article, I looked up the Gospel for this weekend and let out a sigh. I have always struggled with this Gospel; I find it immensely frustrating.

We begin with another healing by Jesus, who declares that he is the light of the world — beautiful! A man who once was blind now sees! Praise God! However, this is not where the Gospel ends; instead, we hear at length about the investigation brought about by the Pharisees. It’s annoying. They could be grateful for this man’s newly gained sight. They could rejoice in the beauty of what God has done. Instead, they are too focused on finding fault.

Can you imagine being the man who had been born blind? I would want to celebrate! I would want to invite my family and friends to rejoice in my healing! Rather, you would find yourself and your family being questioned by the Pharisees. This is not exactly the celebration you would be hoping for.

In my early days of ministry, I found myself in a frustrating situation. I sat in the office of a good friend, venting about what was going on and she said to me, “Maybe your frustration is not with the situation but with the part you played in the problem.” I was a bit taken aback by her remark; however, upon further reflection, I realized the reason for my strong feelings had less to do with what was going on and more to do with my own insecurities about the role I had played in creating the problem. I was being distracted by my own pride, and it was causing me to stay in the darkness of the problem and not look for a solution in the light.

This brings me back to our Gospel. Upon further reflection (and a little time with Jesus in our adoration chapel), I realized the reason I reacted so strongly is because I can be just like those Pharisees. Their insecurity caused them to completely miss God standing in their midst! They were so focused on staying in power, that they were living in the darkness of their own pride. How often I can miss the good that God has done, because I’m too focused on the dark that the devil is trying to use to distract.

There are blessings and gifts showered upon us by the Lord. It can be easy to overlook the beauty, because we’re too busy looking at the negative. It’s tempting to live in the negativity and to blame others. It’s easy to hide there, but we are not called to live in the dark — we are called to live in the light!

Jesus, the light of the world, came that we may be freed from the dark! Praise God! May we strive to live in this light, to set aside the negativity and the blame, and to see the goodness and blessings all around us. Let us celebrate the good that God has done in our lives and not focus on the negative distractions that Satan throws in our way.

The words of the blind man ring true for us today, “I was blind, but now I see.”

Elizabeth McCanna
Youth Coordinator



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