Happy Anniversary!

Recently, on October 22, the Feast of St. John Paul II, 122 people gathered here for a party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our Adoration Chapel of the Nativity. If I had to describe the evening in just a single word, I would choose “bounty.” The bounty of God’s Grace, abundant in our lives and the life of this parish, has rarely been more apparent than it was that evening. We asked our adorers to bring a dish to share, and the wealth of delicious food quite literally overflowed. Joy in Christ poured out of those who came to celebrate His Presence in the Eucharist.

Three of our committed adorers, Michael Janicki, Elizabeth McCanna and Mark Mischke gave witness to the fruits of their time with Christ. Deacon Tim, our keynote speaker of the evening, spoke inspiringly to the wonders and gifts of adoration.

Fr. Steven sent his remarks, which I was privileged to share, following my own comments about this past year. I would like to include his message here for you today, as I believe they bear repeating, and wish for all of you to get to hear.

God bless each and every one of you. May you experience the deep love of Our Lord in your moments with Him in the Eucharist.

Lisa Amos
Director of Mission and Ministry


From Father Steven:

“Dear beloved in Christ. I wanted to share my heart with you on this special occasion of our one year anniversary of the Adoration Chapel of the Nativity.

I continue to marvel at how the Lord brought this about. Isn’t it wonderful how God brings various people together and how each plays a special part in bringing God’s will to fulfillment? From the first stirrings of grace in the requests of a few parishioners, which led to the formation of a small core team that would help inspire and mobilize the parish around this gift, to the location and simple, rustic design of the chapel, to the present hours filled with adorers—God so wonderfully guided us and provided every step of the way. 

My heart rejoices with you tonight as we lift our voices in praise and gratitude to God. With Mary we can proclaim the greatness of the Lord, Who continues to do great things for us. I hope you will have time to share some of the graces of being with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. So many of my decisions, inspirations, homilies and healings have their source in the Eucharistic heart of Jesus. This epicenter of Divine grace and tender mercy continues to be where I find strength, encouragement, light, peace, forgiveness and so many other gifts to persevere in living the Gospel.

So many of the graces come quietly, gently over time, like a small trickle—it doesn’t matter. Time spent so close and lovingly with Jesus will never be without effect.

So God bless all of you who have opened your heart to Christ in this way, who have made a special place in your week to spend this precious time with Jesus. May all the blessings of this adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist overflow more and more in greater love for each other.

If you celebrate with ice cream tonight, please have a scoop for me.

Love you dearly and thank you all sincerely,

Fr. Steven”


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