Fall Festival

My Dear Friends, and special greetings to all visiting with us this weekend as we celebrate our annual Fall Festival,

The day of our Fall Festival has finally arrived! Praise God! And for all those who generously gave so much of their time, energy and effort to plan and organize this grand event, God bless you!! Speaking on behalf of the whole parish, we are so deeply grateful to you. THANK YOU!!

I also want to thank each and every one of you who made any kind of contribution, great or small. Thank you to those who helped to make and serve our pork dinner and to those who made and brought cakes and pies. Thank you to those who contributed items for the silent auction, to those who were involved in putting games together for the kids, and those who offered to work the various booths. For the music and all who lent a hand with any of the much needed services that are too many to mention, thank you!

To put on a Fall Festival like this requires a cast of thousands. Everyone is needed. There is a part for everyone to play, each contributing something necessary. It is perhaps one of the best opportunities outside of Mass for our parish community to express itself, very tangibly, as the Body of Christ. It takes many people to make a single celebration of the Mass possible: the priest, the congregation, the choir and instrumentalists, lectors, communion ministers, servers, sacristans, ushers, greeters, the farmers who grow the wheat for the bread we use, the farmers who produce the grapes for the wine, candle makers, those who make the sacred vessels for communion, and I could easily go on. The same is true for an event like the Fall Festival; it could not take place or succeed without the united cooperation and efforts of many people, each doing their part.

The Fall Festival is, in a real way, an extension of the Mass, the Mass lived out. In the Mass we are the Mystical Body of Christ gathered together as one in the worship of God, and by this worship, which culminates in communion, we become more deeply united in love with Christ and with one another. This unity in the love of Christ calls each of us to express that love toward each other in tangible, concrete ways outside of Mass. If we did not live the love we celebrate, our life would be a countersign of what God’s grace works in us with every Mass.

God alone will be able to count all the many concrete acts of love that went into and will make up this special day. And love is always fruitful. Based on passed experience, we can easily imagine what some of the fruits may be. The Mass will anchor our lives more deeply in the Lord and His Word and all the funds raised will help us to continue carrying out the mission of Jesus Christ. Bonds of fellowship and friendship will be deepened in our working together and being together, and the opportunities to meet new people will allow us to share our faith with others. The joy of children, youth, and adults playing games and having fun will uplift their spirits and allow them to forget their worries and troubles for awhile. The good food and drink will help us relax and thank God for such simple gifts.

So again, my deepest thanks to everyone. May God bless all our efforts, help us serve joyfully with grateful, generous hearts, and keep us always united in His love.

God love you,

Fr. Steven



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