Uganda Student Sponsorship Program

In 2006, the Student Sponsorship Program was developed  after Father Lawrence Kimbowa Kizito, a missionary priest from Uganda came to our parish and spoke of the challenges and struggles of his parishioners. He spoke of over 300 orphans, many of whom live on the bare ground outside his church of St Anthony in Uganda. When he returned home he sent pictures of 75 of these children, asking St. Peter’s to sponsor each child for $360/year. Within six weeks all 75 children were sponsored. The response was overwhelming, demonstrating the compassion and generosity of our parish families and showing that one dollar a day can make the difference in the lives of these young people.

The Sponsorship funds go to support these children in their introduction to education and programs which give them one meal a day, uniforms, books and educational materials. Since its inception the number of sponsors has risen to nearly 100, with many who have continuously supported their designated children. It is with sincere gratitude that we in the team, many of whom are sponsors ourselves, extend our thanks to all the sponsors for their continued support, and we thank all those past sponsors for their generosity and compassion. While doing this we continue our efforts to enlist new sponsors to carry on this important and rewarding program. There are hundreds of children still in need of sponsorship. No matter what you can offer them, anything is helpful, as every penny goes to fulfill their needs.

As a result of the ongoing program the sponsorships have expanded to support the older students in seminary studies and college studies. This program is currently supporting three seminarians and three college students.

How to become a sponsor

Uganda Student Sponsorship Brochure

If interested you may contact any of the team members or retrieve an application form at the parish office.