Financial Giving

Contribute online (one-time or recurring)

Electronic/Credit Card Contribution Form (EFT) Print and submit to the Director of Operations in the parish office for recurring Mass contributions.


To assure prompt handling of gifts in the form of stocks, bonds, or other securities to the Church of St. Peter, please follow the instructions below.

  1. If individual certificates are in your possession, please submit The Certificate, The Stock Power*, and the Third-Party Release*, directly to St. Peter’s transfer agent: LPL Financial c/o MidAmerica Wealth Management, 1060 Dakota Drive, Suite 204, Mendota Heights MN 55120 – Attention: Michael Haverkamp, for the change of registration as follows –

Church of St. Peter
1405 Hwy 13
Mendota, MN 55150

*In lieu of the Stock Power, you may sign the back of the certificate.

Please note – The back of the certificate and Third-Party Releases, need to be signature guaranteed.   LPL does not provide signature guarantees.  The donor will be required to obtain at their financial institution.

  • If a broker or trustee holds the securities, you may instruct the broker or trustee to transfer the securities to the church’s account with LPL Financial.  Please instruct the broker or trustee to transfer the securities through our clearing firm:

LPL Financial
DTC# 0075
For credit to: Church of St. Peter
Account #5348-9299

Unless the donor specifically instructs us to do otherwise, any securities received, as a donation to the church will be sold as soon as possible.  For campaign record keeping purposes, your stock will be valued as of the day it is received.  The amount of the net proceeds for the sale will be reflected on the statement you received from the church.