Christ Is Risen!

My dear friends,

With all my heart, I wish you and your families a blessed Easter day, filled with many joyful “Alleluia’s,” as we celebrate once again the Gift of salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

It’s wonderful how our celebration of the Resurrection in the Easter Season coincides with the Season of Spring—at least for those fortunate enough to live in the Northern Hemisphere. When the snow melts, we feel less confined; the warmer weather lifts our spirits—we are glad we have survived another Minnesota winter. All around us nature is waking up from its winter sleep to begin another cycle of new life, new beginnings. Brown fields quickly give way to green meadows. Trees and shrubs begin unfolding their leaves, transforming our Minnesota woodlands into lush green sanctuaries for birds, animals, hikers, and campers. Everywhere flower seedlings are breaking through the rain-soaked ground, eager to delight us once again with their colorful displays.

Our Easter Season celebrates a more wonderful and beautiful spring time: the Spring Time of Grace, made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Through our Baptism—the Sacrament of New Life—the risen life of Christ is shared with us. With our hearts cleansed and renewed by the power of His Precious Blood, each of us is called to allow the Christ-Life in us to blossom outward in acts of love, hope, patience, gentleness, forgiveness, humility, and generosity. Each of our Christ-like lives manifest and announce the newness that is possible when a person opens their heart to the saving power of our Risen Lord. Wherever there are people who live in Christ, and Christ in them, a new Spring Time of Grace will always be possible.

Every victory over sin proclaims that Christ is risen! When doubts give way to Faith and Trust in God—Christ is proclaimed as risen! When discouragement surrenders to Hope in God—Christ is Risen! When hurts are healed and offenses forgiven—Christ is Risen! Whenever someone continues to give their life in love through hardships, suffering, and persecution—Christ is risen! When the stranger is seen and embraced as a brother, a sister—Christ is Risen! When the poor, the orphan, the forgotten, the suffering are held in our hearts and served with our lives—Christ is proclaimed as Risen!

Resurrection has been the very purpose of our Lent. Each generous commitment to prayer, almsgiving and fasting helps us live more freely and fully in the resurrected life of Jesus. It is right that we celebrate all these victories of God’s grace, expressing our gratitude in joyful Alleluias!  May God continue to help us become more and more, in all things, His Easter People.

God love you,

Fr. Steven 

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