The Narrow Way – Fr. Steven’s Daily Reflection – June 23, 2020

The Lord is My Shepherd


Marian Devotion

My dear friends, In keeping with the month of May, I thought it may be helpful to reflect together on the role of Mary in our Christian life. How important it is for us to know our faith with regard to Mary, for our protestant brothers and sisters are very [...]

Reflections from Fr. Steven on the Epiphany

My dear friends, This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Epiphany, which is a Greek word that means “manifestation.” God has manifested Himself in Christ, and manifested Himself in such a way that inspires great amazement and wonder. The Creator of the whole universe has assumed a created human nature. [...]

Praying for the Election and Those Who Have Died

This post is reprinted from the Nov. 3 bulletin Are you “electioned out”? On Tuesday the political campaign that seems to have been going on for years will at last come to an end in what is certain to be an exciting evening of election returns. Sometimes our prayers have [...]

Fr. Gallatin’s Address Regarding the Capital Campaign

The following is a transcript of an address regarding the upcoming Capital Campaign that Fr. Gallatin gave at all parish masses the weekend of Oct. 13 & 14. Whether it is a short journey or a trip to another country on the other side of our world, traveling can be [...]