I will wait for the Lord.

Before I launch into my reflection on the readings for this Sunday, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your love, support, and prayers over the past few months! On Friday, May 8, we welcomed Leo John into our family, and this is my first [...]

What Will Separate Us?

Romans, Chapter 8, is one of the “go to” chapters in scripture. It is rich with consoling words that seem to bring healing in times of grief, sickness, worry, or loss. In our second reading this weekend, we hear the question, “what will separate us from the love of Christ?” [...]

Seeking Understanding

In our first reading this weekend, God tells Solomon that he will be given whatever he asks for. Solomon asks only for an understanding heart. Solomon wants only to know God’s will, so that he may serve Him by serving God’s people. Solomon could be each and every one of [...]

Glitz and Glamour

Ours is a very commercialized society. So much of the stimulus we see in our media, television, sporting events, even performances of the fine arts are laden with images intended to enflame the desire for products or services that will improve our lives. From billboards to public transportation to the [...]

Finding God In Nature

One of our favorite family activities at the end of a busy day is to have dinner outside on our deck. Anne has done an amazing job of planting beautiful plants and flowers in pots on the deck. In addition to our natural beauty, we are blessed to have trees [...]

Reframing The Mass

The way we experience many moments in life, both the mundane and the exceptional, frames our response to them. Whether we perceive something as a “good time” or an unpleasant one likely has more to do with equal parts our own frame of mind and the tone of the those [...]

Thank You, St. Peter’s

Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me. ~ Matthew 10:40 Thank you, St. Peter’s! Despite the challenges of the last months, you’ve continued to generously care for one another and our community!  Throughout the last several weeks, we have been able to [...]

The Things We Do For Our Kids!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, about two weeks ago, that I looked out my front window and spotted a large, black object in the front yard. As I gazed in wonder at what this could be, the object started moving. Pretty soon I could see it was very large [...]

Happy Returns

At last, we are able to once again receive the Most Holy Eucharist. Clearly not everyone is able to attend, but those who do, will do so in a very different way than to which we are accustomed and with a Mass that feels dramatically different from how our Sunday [...]

Jesus, Heal Us. . .

This past week, Archbishop Hebda invited clergy to join in a peaceful protest of the violence that has engulfed our communities in the past week. I was honored to be able to walk behind our black clergy, as we peacefully marched in solidarity with those who live in the areas [...]