On The Way To Quiet

As I always hope to do, I find spiritual motivation and inspiration in a variety of places and in a variety of voices. This can and does prove to be a bit of a problem, however, when I begin to search for those sparks of inspiration, rather than simply allowing [...]

BE An Invitation

While being a true disciple of Jesus is not always easy, it is simple. We have but to remember these two things: that we are to love Jesus, and through him, God, and that in that love, we are to love one another. Simple. Living this is often challenging. It’s [...]

Hail Mary, The Lord Is With You

May is the month of flowers, green grass, and new life as the earth awakens from the sleep of winter. May is also the month in which we honor Mary, the Mother of God. And since we also celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, it seems fitting to reflect on our [...]

Grace In Every Sliver

Our Road to Emmaus



Dear beloved in Christ, With all my heart I wish you and all whom you love and hold dear an Easter Season filled with stories of the real power of Jesus Christ, Risen and Glorified.  Yes!—the real power! As we begin to unwrap those chocolate Easter eggs (and I must [...]

Palm Sunday

Underground Church in the Time of the Cloud

I Am The Woman At The Well