Announcement regarding Fr. Gallatin

This weekend at all Masses, Bishop Cozzins made an announcement regarding Father Joseph Gallatin and his leave of absence. Click here to view the press release from the archdiocese containing the statement. Father Gallatin also wishes to share his own words: “I am truly sorry for the pain that this has [...]

Statement Regarding Father Joseph Gallatin

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis today announced that Fr. Joseph Gallatin has agreed to take a leave of absence from active ministry. Fr. Gallatin’s clergy file recently was reviewed as a part of the comprehensive file review by an outside professional firm that currently is reviewing files of all clergy in [...]

Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes – Sept. 18, 2012

Church of St. Peter Parish Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes of Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Members present:  Paul Boller, David Doty, Mary Pat Ferraro, Kelly Garrett, Ann Hoey, Sarah Larsen, Joanne Rocco Carter, Alice Sheeler Ex-officio members present:  Fr. Gallatin, Helen Wilkie  I. Opening Prayer II. Approval of Agenda Agreed as presented with [...]

Workcamp Draws Youth Closer to God

This article was originally published in the Sept.\Oct. issue of Currents, St. Peter’s newsletter publication Summer is the time when teenagers may find relief from their hectic school schedules, as well as from the many important life-changing decisions they must face during the school year. This free time also gives [...]

Parishioner Spotlight: Dan & Kelly Garrett

I t didn’t take long for Dan and Kelly Garrett, who joined St. Peter Parish in 2007, to find their place in our faith community. While many new parishioners might “sit on the sidelines” at first, or approach active involvement with a cautious eye, the Garretts made getting involved a priority from day one. “We [...]