Being God’s Gardener

By this time of year, the crops are in the field and gardens have been planted. Many plants have begun to sprout and some have even blossomed. The seeds that were put in the ground will look nothing like the plants which will grow from them. The next time you [...]

Eye Opening Experiences

Alleluia! The Easter season and spring are fully upon us! Much of nature has been dormant through the dark and cold of winter, preparing itself to grow and flourish in the warmer days of spring. We, too, have spent the days and weeks of Lent reflecting on our lives as [...]

Tuna Fish, Chocolate and Pennies: The Meaning of Lent

I have few memories of Lent as a child, but there are a couple things I will always associate with this particular season: tuna fish hot dish, no chocolate and digging through my piggy bank. I know I didn’t understand what tuna fish, chocolate and pennies had to do with [...]

Faithfulness In Our Relationship With God

Honestly, when I think about the concept of “faithfulness” in the relationship I have with God, I generally focus on how I am being faithful (or not) to God.  I do not often reflect on God’s faithfulness to me and to all His people.  And yet, today’s first reading and [...]


Watching the leaves turn such beautiful colors and seeing them eventually fall from their branches, causes me to acknowledge that we are in the midst of a season of change.  Some people look forward to this change and others wish it really didn’t need to happen.  There are many who [...]

Modeling Our Christian Faith

In today’s second reading, St. Paul tells the Romans that “Love is the fulfillment of the law” – a very simple and beautiful statement.  Please notice that I said “simple”, I did not say “easy”. We frequently use the word “love” in our everyday lives for everything from how we [...]

Thank You Parish Volunteers!

As we are finishing another program year, I can’t help but look back and see all of the things we have accomplished in the last 10 months.  Each spring I spend time evaluating how well the various Religious Education programs have served our children and youth.  I look for the [...]

Lazarus – From Grief to Joy

This weekend’s Gospel, the story of Lazarus, is almost overwhelming in the number of truths that we can reflect upon while reading it.  There is a not so subtle reference to the Paschal mystery – the life, death and Resurrection of Christ.  We can see in this gospel that death [...]

Discernment for Difficult Choices

Recently I have been thinking about the old adage, “With age, comes wisdom.” I can say with all honesty that I am doing the whole “aging” thing, but I am not sure how wise I have become in this process. When I was younger, I took comfort in this saying. [...]

The Gifts of Our Baptism

One of the privileges of my ministry here at St. Peter’s is meeting with families as they are preparing to have their baby baptized. Many of these parents meet with me when the babies are first born. The parents have a wonderful mixture of awe regarding this beautiful gift they [...]