More on Fr. Lucien Galtier, and the History of our Parish

When I wrote last week, an historic meeting of deacons, priests, and bishops was about to take place here in our own parish. The meeting on Wednesday, October 30 was a panel discussion that enabled us to raise our concerns about the way that immoral and illegal actions by priests [...]

Reflections on Fr. Galtier and the Founding of our Parish

Writing as I am on Tuesday in order to beat the bulletin printing deadline, I am unable to comment on the Clergy Study Day that will have taken place at St. Peter’s on Wednesday. Almost 260 priests are expected to come to our parish for the meeting. The morning session [...]

All Saints Day and All Souls Day

I thought I would begin this week’s column with some information about upcoming events. In recent years, our Archdiocese has organized a “Clergy Study Day” for deacons and priests in the fall and the spring. The autumn Clergy Study Day will be right here at St. Peter’s this coming Wednesday. [...]

Religious Identity in America

I have saved an article that is worth considering from a journal called First Things. This article, entitled “Secularizations,” was written by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus and published one month after his death in January 2009. What attracted my attention was a reference to the very different levels of church [...]

Letter(s) from Archbishop Nienstedt

Writing as I am on Sunday afternoon after the conclusion of our Fall Festival, I am deeply grateful to all involved who made it such a tremendous success. As the weather forecasts started to predict something other than optimum festival weather, I wondered what we could do to salvage the [...]

Consultation for Leaders of the Church

We have come to the time of our Fall Festival! If you are reading this on Saturday, the festival is tomorrow, but for you who are reading  this on Sunday, it’s a day to enjoy what has been planned by so many of your fellow parishioners. I am most grateful [...]

Celebrating Angels

  At last Sunday’s Masses I made reference during the homily to the interview with Pope Francis that had been published simultaneously in La Civiltà Cattolica, America, and 14 other Jesuit journals on the previous Thursday. It can be found at, and I know you will find it easy [...]

Mass Intentions

A request made to me by Fr. Charles Muyimba, our visiting priest from Uganda, has opened up the possibility for a greater understanding of an important spiritual practice of the Church. Whenever the Mass is celebrated, the priest celebrant may offer the Mass for a particular intention. During the Mass [...]

Reflections on the Conclusion of Pope Francis’ First Encyclical

Last Sunday the parish expressed strong support for our relationship with the children of St. Anthony’s Parish in Uganda. Fr. Lawrence Kimbowa, who preached at all of the Masses last week, has now departed from Minnesota and will soon resume his canon law studies in Rome, where he was sent [...]

Pope Francis on the Relationship Between Faith & Reason

On the afternoon of Friday, August 30, our long awaited friends from Uganda arrived. Last Sunday they concelebrated at all of the Masses. This week, as a way of strengthening our connection with St. Anthony’s Parish in Uganda, Fr. Lawrence Kimbowa will be the principal celebrant at all of the [...]