Our Life In Christ

It all started with our baptism. There we were—precious, little infants, smiling and cute—completely unaware of what was happening to us. Grandma dabbed a tear from her eye and grandpa aimed the camera, as the water flowed over our head and the priest said, “I baptize you in the Name [...]

What Will Separate Us?

Romans, Chapter 8, is one of the “go to” chapters in scripture. It is rich with consoling words that seem to bring healing in times of grief, sickness, worry, or loss. In our second reading this weekend, we hear the question, “what will separate us from the love of Christ?” [...]

Finding God In Nature

One of our favorite family activities at the end of a busy day is to have dinner outside on our deck. Anne has done an amazing job of planting beautiful plants and flowers in pots on the deck. In addition to our natural beauty, we are blessed to have trees [...]

The Things We Do For Our Kids!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, about two weeks ago, that I looked out my front window and spotted a large, black object in the front yard. As I gazed in wonder at what this could be, the object started moving. Pretty soon I could see it was very large [...]

Jesus, Heal Us. . .

This past week, Archbishop Hebda invited clergy to join in a peaceful protest of the violence that has engulfed our communities in the past week. I was honored to be able to walk behind our black clergy, as we peacefully marched in solidarity with those who live in the areas [...]

A New Abnormal

Living in the “pandemic world” has created a situation where nothing seems quite normal. I recently read an article that explained why many of us are seeing our waistlines expand and finding restful sleep a bit challenging. The author explained that our bodies are in a “fight or flight” mode [...]

Hail Mary, The Lord Is With You

May is the month of flowers, green grass, and new life as the earth awakens from the sleep of winter. May is also the month in which we honor Mary, the Mother of God. And since we also celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, it seems fitting to reflect on our [...]

Palm Sunday

Go To Your Inner Room

Seeing With His Eyes. . .