Feedback Loop

It is always times like these that drive us to overestimate the scope of our reach and importance. Online and in discussions—though principally online—we can all observe the poverty of interpersonal relationships and communication. It seems each of us have become convinced that our opinions are truth, and that, well, [...]

Glitz and Glamour

Ours is a very commercialized society. So much of the stimulus we see in our media, television, sporting events, even performances of the fine arts are laden with images intended to enflame the desire for products or services that will improve our lives. From billboards to public transportation to the [...]

Reframing The Mass

The way we experience many moments in life, both the mundane and the exceptional, frames our response to them. Whether we perceive something as a “good time” or an unpleasant one likely has more to do with equal parts our own frame of mind and the tone of the those [...]

Happy Returns

At last, we are able to once again receive the Most Holy Eucharist. Clearly not everyone is able to attend, but those who do, will do so in a very different way than to which we are accustomed and with a Mass that feels dramatically different from how our Sunday [...]

On The Way To Quiet

As I always hope to do, I find spiritual motivation and inspiration in a variety of places and in a variety of voices. This can and does prove to be a bit of a problem, however, when I begin to search for those sparks of inspiration, rather than simply allowing [...]

Grace In Every Sliver

Underground Church in the Time of the Cloud

Into The Wilderness

Promise and Purpose