Are We “All In For Christ”?

This weekend, Saturday October 13, is the next installment of our Recreation program.  Following the 5pm Mass, guest speaker Greg Kelly will discuss the risks and rewards that we encounter when we go “All In for Christ”.  Loving God in an authentic way is a lifestyle choice, which carries certain social, financial, familial, and even professional costs that we must weigh.  What do we risk by embracing a Christian way of living?  What might we lose? And what are the rewards?

Please consider making room in your life to come to Recreation this weekend!  It’s convenient enough, right after 5pm Mass, and includes dinner.  And it’s fun! We sing songs of praise and worship together, socialize, and enjoy prayer together. And have we mentioned it’s free?

If not Recreation, consider reflecting on how,  no matter how busy you are, you can grow in your prayer relationship with God. Time is like anything else we have in limited quantity – we must ration or budget our use of it to ensure there is enough to fill our needs.  This budgeting, as with money, begins by prioritizing (on paper or not, up to you) the needs and wants that are most important to you to satisfy.  For example, any household budget begins with the basic, irreplaceable necessities: food, housing, clothing, etc.  Likewise, a budget of time must begin with irreplaceable necessities.  It takes more thought, however, to determine what those are.  It is said that you can tell what an organization or a family truly values, by looking at how they spend their money.  The same can be said of our time. We can call ourselves disciples of Christ, but how much of our time do we give to him compared to other pursuits?

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